Anyone using Revalation Audio Labs cables?

I just read a few reviews and they seem to be quite good.
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I have 4 of their Precept power cables and one Precept II AC cable.

They are very quick and detailed. If you prefer warmth and a full bass, they are the wrong cable for you.

I wrote a review on Audio Asylum under Mercman.

They have done wonders for my system.

I have tried both speaker cables and ICs and found them to be neutral, musical and specific. No harshness or loss of information. Very sligth upper end roll-off, almost tube like. Midrange clean, detailed and robust without going out of focus. Bass is tight and detailed. Good control. I used them in three different systems and got similar results each time. Brad has an electrical engineering (if I remember correctly) background and has spent a lot of time (years)developing the wires. He has new models coming out soon. The price to sound ratio is good. Are there better sounding wires? Of course. But, where is your tolerance for cash outlay? The truth is that it comes down to your ears, your system, your wallet. They are a must audition wire. Call him and talk with him, them make some decisions.