Anyone using "jumper" cables?

I am curious just how jumper cables can improve the sound, are they the alternative bi-wires? I'm new to this, so educate me please.
Here is an oversimplified overview. Many better quality speakers have two inputs (or more). Typically the lower input is for the woofer and the upper is for the midrange and tweeter drivers. In these cases the crossover sections are not electrically connected to each other so individual amplifiers can power the different driver sections. This opens up a number of possibilities such as using a higher powered solid state amp on the woofers and perhaps a vacuum tube amp on the midrange and tweeters section. Using two stereo amplifiers and separate wires to the speaker sections is what is referred to as "bi-amping". Electronic crossovers can be used but are not required since the passive crossovers are still intact inside the speakers. If you choose to use a single amplifier, you could biwire which is simply running two sets of wires to the individual speaker sections and connecting the other ends of the wires to the single amplifier. The reason for using jumpers is simply that you have a single amplifier and a standard set of speaker cables that will only connect to one of the input sections. You use a jumper to connect the two sections together. There are reasons (advantages and disadvantages) for using different configurations. I hope my explanation made sense. Feel free to e-mail if you need any clarification.

Use jumpers made with the same material as your main cables and enjoy the music.
Thanks for the clear explaination, I'm thinking of jumper cable for the same reason, at the moment my spendors are powered by the Plinius 8200mk2 intergrated. i've seen this guy(whom i bought my plinius from) biwire from Plinius to his speakers, it had quite a full sound but it didn't "wow" me though.
I've been trying to read up about jumper cables, there are people who can hear improvement, and some said jumper cables strengthen certain area and compromise the other. i don't know I'll probably check up if any seller does home trial, hence i get to experiment.
Hi Karmatogral -
I have Spendor S6e's and changed out the copper jumper platethat comes with the speaker, with a soundstring jumper made a huge difference.
Treble was much more detailed and seemed to even out the tonal balance of the entire presentation.
The speakers I use are the Spendor SP -1/2Es. I also use the Mapleshade jumpers, which work well and are cheap. I would not confine myself to the same brand or material necessarily , the jumpers have a different job to do than the main cables.