Anyone using Pure Note or Stealth cables

I am looking for a digital cable no more than $300.
I am interented in purenote and stealth varidig cables.
anyone can give me a suggestion for the digital cable ?
Beacause I am not living in U.S. so it is hard for me if I want to send unsatisfactory cable back to the vendor.
It will waste a lot of time on delivery and I have to pay the high shipping rate for it so it's necessary for me to decide much more carefully before buy it.
After I search the pure note cable on audioasylum, it seem have little problem in service ,even they give those cable positive appraisal.
When I search post in audiogon,there have many positive posts for Stealth and acoustic zen cables in audiogon.
I think I may focus on the two cables to make a decision
if there don't have any new choice.
I am using pure note silver signature interconnects from my preamp to my amp...and from my dac to my preamp. I am also using a pure note digital interconnect from my source.

Very fine cables....and Tom Swenson is great to work with.

Highly recommended.
Monster: I've not tried their digital cables, but I've tried both Stealth and Pure Note interconnect cables. I now own Pure Note Signature cables can be fussy, you ought to just get to work and try every one in existence; it's the only way you'll know.
to Carl_eber
I know its is best way to find the cable but there have several BIG problems to do this in Taiwan.
1.Half of cable manufacturers don't have a distributor in Taiwan. I would pay more than $40 on shipping each cable I tried. If the customs officer charge customs duties and personal business tax on the cable, It will be a heavy load for me.

2.There don't have 30 days moneyback guarantee in Taiwan's audioshop so I only can borrow those cables from my friends or the familiar audioshops.

I really need your suggestions to buy those cables.