Anyone using Pure Note or Stealth cables

I am looking for a digital cable no more than $300.
I am interented in purenote and stealth varidig cables.
anyone can give me a suggestion for the digital cable ?
sorry I can't help but can you tell me where I can get info on the purenote cables, thanks
the pure note website
the stealth website
I am using the Stealth Fineline MkII digital cables (balanced) and I am very happy with them. One is used between my Theta Data Basic II and the Genesis Digital Lens and the other from the Lens to the Theta Pro Gen Va balanced.
I recently began using the Stealth Varidig balanced and am very happy with it's performance.
I have an extra Stealth varidig that I won at an auction about 2 months ago. Very nice cable. I just have one to many
It is 1 meter AES/EBU if you are interested give me a holler.
Monster don't know how you came up with these two cables
but the Acoustic Zen Mc2 is amazing for $300. You should be able to buy at a decent discount, good luck trying to find
any used ones.

If you read the review you know what I am talking about. Please try to hear one, your search will be over.
My cheap CD transport only have SP/DIF outlet so
I only can use cable with RCA connector.
I will use email to ask them advance information about
the Zen's cable.
Do you mind if you can give me some information about the sound of those cables ?
I was liked the huge soundstage from MIT cable but I am not satisfied to their performance in detail and transparency.

p.s. I have some experience when I purchased the computer
software. The software from big company is always
expensive and the function in software may be worse
than a software made by a small comany.
I apply the same concept to the audio equipment.
That's why I look for the cables from small company.

Thank you.
I still have MIT digital reference I bought used here, and
as you know it is very good 3D and smooth treble. The MIT treble is less pronounced by design and therefore sounds
smooth/relaxed. This maybe exactly what certain systems need

Compared to MIT, AZ Mc2 is noticeably more transparant/detailed revealing more info from CD, it has huge soundstage also, and more extended treble response. The good news is it does this without adding treble grain/hardness or leaning out the sound, very natural sounding.

The AZ Silver Photon has about 90% the performance of Mc2 for $100, it was better than my HT Cyber Platinum which I have since sold. This has to be the best value/performance
ratio of any digital cable out there. Mc2 however is superior in all respects and at $300 is still decent value,
as it competes with the megabuck cables.
Beacause I am not living in U.S. so it is hard for me if I want to send unsatisfactory cable back to the vendor.
It will waste a lot of time on delivery and I have to pay the high shipping rate for it so it's necessary for me to decide much more carefully before buy it.
After I search the pure note cable on audioasylum, it seem have little problem in service ,even they give those cable positive appraisal.
When I search post in audiogon,there have many positive posts for Stealth and acoustic zen cables in audiogon.
I think I may focus on the two cables to make a decision
if there don't have any new choice.
I am using pure note silver signature interconnects from my preamp to my amp...and from my dac to my preamp. I am also using a pure note digital interconnect from my source.

Very fine cables....and Tom Swenson is great to work with.

Highly recommended.
Monster: I've not tried their digital cables, but I've tried both Stealth and Pure Note interconnect cables. I now own Pure Note Signature cables can be fussy, you ought to just get to work and try every one in existence; it's the only way you'll know.
to Carl_eber
I know its is best way to find the cable but there have several BIG problems to do this in Taiwan.
1.Half of cable manufacturers don't have a distributor in Taiwan. I would pay more than $40 on shipping each cable I tried. If the customs officer charge customs duties and personal business tax on the cable, It will be a heavy load for me.

2.There don't have 30 days moneyback guarantee in Taiwan's audioshop so I only can borrow those cables from my friends or the familiar audioshops.

I really need your suggestions to buy those cables.