Anyone using Polk RTi series speakers?

I love my RTi28's for the money. I listen to all kinds of music. I'm thinking of upgrading my front Pioneer Elite's front amps to Rotels 1070's (trying to warm up a bit) and then maybe Polk LSi9's. I've heard good reviews for the current RTi series as well. I'm on a limited budget.
I've got some RTi speakers in the basement from a home theater system I have yet to assemble. I also had a set of RT35i's back in the day. Very good performance for the money and exceptionally pleasant to live with.

I'm not so sure the Rotel amp will warm things up all that much. It may perhaps have a sightly tamer top end than a Pioneer amp, but it will also have more detailed treble as well as significantly more punch and drive. It all depends on what you mean by "warm." Some people mean a rolled-off treble and a rich midrange. Others add to that description a loosely defined low frequency performance and a less dynamic sound that's laid-back and pleasant.

The Polk RTi series tends to be a rather neutral sounding speaker, so it responds well to a wide range of amplification choices. Provided your sources aren't too laid back, an NAD amp might provide more of the warmth your looking for. So might a tube amp from Cayin or PrimaLuna.

It might be worth trucking your RTi28's to a good dealer and spending a day listening to a few different amps. If you're on a limited budget, better to get your purchase decision right the first time than to make a mail-order purchase on the basis of suggestions from others that may be cheaper upfront but more expensive in the long run if you have to sell an amp you're unhappy with at a loss.