Anyone using PMC speakers with McIntosh

Just looking for owners (or opinions) on this combination. I'm looking at either the PMC OB1's or the IB1's or 2's to go with my Mcintosh MC402 amp and C2200 preamp. I use PAD Venustas cabling. One other thing, these speakers can be tri-wired and I have biwire speaker cables. How would you connect to these speakers? Jumpers? From where? Thanks as always. Dave
Hey Dave,

Check out the Bryston/PMC section over at Audio Circles.

I know at least one ACer that has that exact combo... IB1's, MC402, C2200.
"xsparky" should be able to help you out.

I have OB1's and liked very much how they sounded with the 402 during my
hour or so audition. Very "easy" to listen to with maybe a little less slam than
I heard with the Brystons.

For now, I have been using a single run of Kimber TC8 in a bi-wire configuration to the bass and mids and then a 8" TC4 jumber to the hi's.

I decided to try/go with a 14B, but I will say after hearing the Mac,
"Bryston is NOT the only choice for PMC".