Anyone Using Outboard Dac with Marantz AV7701

Anyone using an outboard dac with 7701? I tried the Schiit Gungnir without success. I'm not into headphones. BD's, Apple TV, internet radio, CD's via BD player. I was looking for greater sound stage and diffinition. I achieved it with movies but not music or TV no matter the source I heard no discernable difference in SQ. If you have experience with this please advise how you connected, dac of choice and general experience. Equipment: AV 7701, MM 7055 amp, Emo XPA-100 monoblocks for mains and center, B&W 683, HTM61, B&W 684. Apple TV, Sharp BD, Cable box. Originally had the dac with xlr into prepro - no joy. Jason at Schiit suggested I connect to the amp, at this point I achieved the aforementioned in SQ playback. Final setup was: Gungnir via xlr into amp MM7055, Apple TV via optical, RCA into BD and cable box.
I am using a W4S Dac2 with a Marantz 7005, the version just before yours. It has an Ht bypass, so i use the Dac2 as a preamp for sonos, and cds. I use the prepro for movies and surround SACDs. It seems to work fine. It weems like something with an HT bypass is the best solution for your needs.
I don't think that the 7701 has Ht bypass, at least I do not recall seeing anything like that. Where is it in your setup menu?
The HT bypass is in the Dac2. Many preamps now have this feature. It just passes the signal from the av straight thru to the amp.

When HT bypass is off, the preamp goes straight to the amp. Go to the W4W website and download the dac 2 manual. It will explain how that works.
Shoeman, what did you end up doing?  Are you using an external DAC with your 7701?