Anyone using Ortofon AS-309-S arm?

I am contemplating the Ortofon AS309s arm, and would like to know if anyone has experience or insight on this arm. To be used with Denon 103, I am assuming the arm is heavy enough.

Thanks All
I have one sitting in a box but haven't set it up yet, (waiting for new table). I purchased it after speaking to Jeffrey Catalano at Highwater Sound in NY. Jeffrey has very good things to say about it and also said the manufacturer of the TW-Acustic tables likes it.

It will likely be a second arm for my table when I get a Phantom later in the year but I thought it would save a few bucks in the short term and that it would provide a nice alternative for a mono arm or different flavour in the longer term. Sorry I can't provide more info.

I have used my Ortofon AS-309s on and off for the past few months and think it is great. It should theoretically work with the 103 because most long arms have a highish effective mass. Experiment with different headshell too if you want to increase or decrease effective mass. There is an option for a heavy counter weight so get one of those too. I needed it to use a Shun Mook headshell.
The sound is big and wide, and if dialed in, smooth and grain free.
I think a good value for the money considering where some of the vintage long arms have gone in price, and you can never be sure the bearings are in top shape unless the arm is NOS.
Hello, any idea what the selling price is on this arm? I have not seen them anywhere.
Contact Jeff at High Water Sound dot com you can get his phone number or email address from his website
Thanks for all your input.... I think I am going to take the bate! I have talked to a couple of folks off line also that say it is great arm, so onword I go.
Congrat's, good luck with it. I should have mine up and running in a week or so. I'll post my impressions of it then.
PCosta, Where did you get your Shun Mook headshell? I can't find anything in Google. Thanks.
Hi Ducatirider

I got it directly from Shun Mook. Short of finding one used there is no where else. Call Shun Mook he makes them on request. All the Shun Mook stuff is amazing.
Also keep in mind the extra weight of this headshell it is very heavy so make sure your arm can handle it.
Thanks. Pcosta. You have a nice setup on CAM. Bhoage is Canadian too.
Thanks Ducatirider
Bhoadge is up the highway and I will amke to his place on of these days for a listen. We have similar setups now that he is getting his new turntable soon.