Anyone using older Echo Layla 24? Do This

I have been using this soundcard for quite sometime now and finally stumbled upon some information that stated this unit now has an available driver update. My unit was a 2003 model with the 6.7.0 driver and the updated driver is the 7.3.0 Well all i can say is that the sound quality took a very nice leap forward downloading this latest driver which was issued sometime in 2007.
I am still using Windows Media Player 9 to play my music but have also been reading about people using Foobar or JRiver to get better performance from their PC. But until i know exactly what i am doing i am not going to mess with that. Don't want to be without sound until i know exactly what i am doing.
Just thought anybody using Echo soundcards may find this information helpful because i didn't even think to upgrade my driver until i stumbled upon a thread somewhere yesterday.