Anyone using NITES on their CD player??

I'm getting a new cd player in a few weeks that will allow for an aftermarket powercord. I currently use a signal cable magic power cord on my power amp. This cable is a very good value but I hear that the Virtual Dynamics Nites are supposed to be in a class all their own. Any feedack would be greatly appreciated.
I have been happily using the Virtual Dynamics Nite pc on my Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MKII cd player for the past year. This cable has surpassed my expectations for what a power cable can do for a music system. The Nite pc seems to work particulary well on CD players.
What kind of CDP are you using? Instead of buying a PC just for the sake of it's reviews, get the CDP in your system & get used to the sound first & then decide what direction you want to go with PC changes.

I would also recommend AC upgrades before PC upgrades, which include but are not limited to dedicated lines & upgraded outlets. Filtering is another aspect too.
Spend your money much more wisely!
I recently tested a bunch of PCs, including the Nite. I liked the Nite a great deal, but it really sang on my amp (Spectron Musician II--the Nite was bested only (and only very slightly) by an Elrod 3s). For my Granite 657 tube CDP, I preferred, by a wide margin, the Omega Mikro Active (red in my case) from Walker Audio. The OMA PC is delicate, but I haven't found that to be a problem for me. They have a 30-day test period. I second Driver's observation that PCs are system dependent and you need to try them out.
No, I haven't tried the Nite on my cdp, but have heard good things about them. I also have the Granite 657 cdp and have found cords make a significant difference. While the DIY cords I have tried provided some improvement, they are not in the same league as the better cords. I wish they were, it would save me some money.
The best of the lower price cords I have tried on the cdp is the Syn. Res. A/C Master Coupler which is found regularly used for <$150. The latest cord to provide the best improvement in my system on the cdp is the Music Timbre, from W Enterprises NW. It is made from a gold/silver/copper alloy wire.
The Silent Source Signature, also from Walker Audio, is highly recommended by a friend who still uses the Omega Mikro as his favorite.
Another friend swears by the Foundation Research LC-1.
There are so many choices it can get confusing, but one good thing is most companies have trial periods so it's virtually risk free.
I have several Nite power cords. Ended up using them just about everywhere, except my Marantz SA-1 front end. There the BMI Shark sounded best.

I've been using the Nite for well over a year on my Cary 303/100 and it really took the player to a new level.
Call Rick @ Virtual Dynamics and he'll be more than happy to let you try before you buy.
Trust me, it's worth the phone call.
I've used a few PCs on my Proceed transport including Audience, BWS, VD Signatures. Only until I tried the Nites did I forget about other PCs.
Nites work well on CDP.s In my system thats where it had its best effect as opposed to my other equipment.
I use Nite PC's on my CDP and amp--truly outstanding in my system. It does seem to work best on CDP's. I would suggest that you try your new CDP with the stock cord for a couple of weeks to become acclimated with it's sound. Then audition a Nite, it will indeed take your player to a whole new level. Jaw-dropping performance. Have fun. Jim L.
I have a arrived at a strange powercord set up that remains my favorite. I am using a Nite Extension cord with a cryo'd three-way splitter. My amp has a cryo'd VD Audition going straight to the wall, but my transport, DAC and preamp all are hooked to the Nite Extension/splitter via their own cryo'd VD Audition PCs. It's something Rick recommended I try, and it has worked well. Those three components are getting both Audition and Nite filtering.
Eagle Someone told me, the silent source pc, is
even better than,,palladian, VD nites, and
some pc costing $1500. I dont know how true.
Have you adution them yet?
Jay, I haven't tried the Silent Source yet, but it does sound interesting.
Eagle the one I spoke too, He tried most of the
expensive power cable,Its hard to mention names
here,especially silent source is not that popular
yet.But someone also told me, the Kimber palladian
is a very very good cable,if there is pc that is
better than palladian.I want to know.I mean cheaper
and better.
Jayctoy, Positive Feedback has an interesting review of the Soundstrings power cable. The reviewer preferred it to the Palladian at half the cost.
Pilar, I read the review and you are right,they
prefer the sounstring than the Kimber Palladian,
thats very interseting.
But Jayctoy, the review makes the point that the Soundstrings are very colored, while the Kimbers are neutral. This is not better/worse; it is different and potentially problematic depending on your system.
You know Flex you are right I am glad you brought this
neutral thing,Also I think the sounstring is not as
balance from top to bottom.Maybe the guy is talking
about the price, what you can get on the SS, compare
to KimberP. Thanks for the insight.