Anyone using NHT Classic 4 for Home Theater

I am very interested in these speakers, but haven't heard many reviews from people using them in there Home Theater system?

Yes I as well. Excellent build.....Im using the 10" side woofer bi-amped to seperate amp and active x-over. It was okay...not good, but okay. I removed the woofer and wired it direct to the binding posts. Removing the NHT x-over all together. Now thats the way the speaker should sound. Night and day difference. Solid, fast, tight bass. Also have better control over the bass section. I would have to say the the Classic sound is different from other NHT's have had or listened to. Not as bright as the ST-4. Smoother.

Have a listen
I bought a pair a few months ago. Nice speaker for the price. I ended up with a pair of Dynaudio 1.3SE's instead. I get the same bottom end with these amazing little bookshelves. I found them to be a bit cold overall. They were impressive at the price point though. I tried both biamping them with an Arcam AVR300 and single wire. I did not see an impressive change with the biamp rig. If you are looking for a budget floorstander, I think they will definitely sufice. Good luck!
Rkerv, did I read that right? You get the same bass response with the Dynaudio 1.3SEs as you do with the floorstanding NHT Classic 4s? I'm not casting doubt, but knowing little about the Dynaudios, this is a amazing statement. THANKS.
I couldnt believe it either. I was shocked. I can get down to around 35hz with the Dyns. I know the Classic 4's were aorund 27hz... but ya know... I did not really feel it. Eh, maybe it was just me. But I like the bottom end a TON more from the Dyns.