anyone using new Air Tight Supreme cartridge?

WHAT HAVE you compared to or had before and your speakers and electronics you have? would appreciate your impressions. i have the Strain Gauge which very, very good . heard the air tight at a dealer and very impressive tonality and resolution. so what are people experiencing? And is it that much better than the earlier air tight?
I've heard the Air Tight Supreme in Lloyd Walker's system, with which I'm very familiar. It's perhaps the best cartridge I've heard in his system. The other cartrdges I've listened to in his system include: Air Tight original, Magic Diamond, and Magic Diamond Spirit. I've not heard this cartridge in my own system, but we live with a Magic Diamond on a Walker Proscenium turntable as our baseline for comparison.

The Air Tight Supreme is a better sounding cartridge than the original Air Tight (as good as that cartridge was). The Supreme is clearly faster and more resolving than the original. It shares a similar tonality, but with higher resolution and greater speed. I'm not convinced the Supreme is better than the similarly priced Magic Diamond Spirit, but it clearly outclasses my Magic Diamond, which I like very much.

The one challenge with the Air Tight cartridges is that, with the cantilever well hidden under the body, they can be a bear to get set up correctly.
I have now had the Supreme on a Walker TT for about a month with approx. 40 hours of play time. It took me quite some time to dial it in. It initially so lacked in mid-bass and lower registers, I found myself repeatedly adjusting tracking force and VTA. After feedback and suggestions from others I relented, offering the cart a proper break-in. At present it's performance within this system has attained a level I have long-sought, although those with greater insights claim an additional 30 hours will yet take it further. Everything from delineation to frequency extension; imaging, and depth of staging (a remarkable sense of front to back layering) to dynamic swings have brought the presentation much closer to live. It certainly has left me with much less yearning than with any other front end.