anyone using musical fidelity kw phono preamp

any using musical fidelity kw phono preamp
Love mine. Any particular questions you have about it?
roscoeiii what catridge are you using and would a lyra delos mate well with it. iam using a vpi scoutmaster rim drive.
I have no experience with Lyra carts, but I have had great results with the LOMC carts I have run on it. I have used the ZYX 4D and Premium Mono cart and both were superb. The phono has a lot of loading options that make it mighty flexible. You could even make your own loading plugs if you want something custom or not included. I have also found folks who can make them for you if you are not DIY inclIned.

As for the sound, the kW had a great heft and weight to it. Due to the massive power supply I assume. Great foundation to the music. I loved my Avid Pulsus (which was a big step up from the SimAudio 5.3LP with optional external power supply). But the kW was a clear improvement. Most noticeable in bass, but also in treble detail.

Hope this helps. Lemme know if you have any other questions.
Thank you roscoeiii