Anyone using McIntosh with Vandersteen Quatros

I have Vandersteen Quatros with a McIntosh 2275. Wondering if anyone else has or tried this combo. Any thoughts or suggestions regarding this combo would be helpful.

Cables are the Anti Cables. The DAC is the Channel Island with the optional power supply.
How do you like your quatros? How were they to initially set-up? I know I am not answering your original thread but I had to ask. ;)

Joe in Mobile
I can't imagine it would not be an excellent pairing. Do you own it, or are you contemplating it?
Yes, I own it. Setup of the Vandersteens is a bit of a chalange. The Vender tells me I have a bass problem in my room and I need to buy bass traps. I am hoping to chat with anyone who has been through this to see how long it took to setup the Vandersteens and or any experiance with this equipment combo. I thhink they are both good equipment but thus far I have not felt the majic.
Ive never had your speakers but own a Mac amp.I borrowed some anti-cables once just out of curiousity ,IMO straight wire from Lowes worked out about the same.So I would suggest dumping those and going with a better quality cable for starters..As far as bass traps I made my own,lots of DIY info on the net and youll save big $$$ going that route/cash saved will pay for those better cables.
Although I've owned both brands I can't comment on this combo. But if you're looking for bass traps, FWIW, I've had good luck with these:

GIK Tri-traps

They're effective, relatively cheap, and don't look awful.
I had a hell of a time getting the Quatro's tilt right on my thick carpet. I should probably describe my current procedure using a laser level and a tape measure on my system page.

It usually takes me about 90 minutes to do the bass EQ for both speakers. The main difficulty is that the EQ bands interact.

I've found toe-in to be very important. Once tilt is correct, if the speakers sound too polite, try some toe-in. Too much and the lower midrange becomes too aggressive.
Fogwell123, I think you have excellent equipment that just needs a bity of tweaking within the room perhaps, and bass traps certainly made an improvement in my room. I would look to those things before having any concern between the amp and speakers - you have a very solid foundation for a great sounding system.
Macs tend to be on the warmer side of neutral as do the Vandersteens. That may make too much warmth for me.
You really need to make sure you nailed the -3db down point
with the 1000 hz /100 hz test tone with your volt meter reading a 1 volt for 1000hz and .707 at 100 HZ when you are there its in the Owners manual
I have found many amps are not what the Manual says they are and your whole tune up of the speakers and correct x over setting is affected by this.
you can reach me at 973 239 1799 if you need help
you should have a great match when you get the X over and room dialed in.
Cheers Johnnyr
Thanks to everyone for this. It sounds like more work on setup is in-order and the vender's suggestion for bass traps may be a good one. Good to know I may be on the right track after all. Keep the reply's coming.