Anyone using Marchand Amps?

I own a Marchand active crossover and love it. I was at their website and noticed they offer amplifiers also. Does anyone have any listening experience with these? I was looking at their monoblocks. The thing that has me questioning is that theirs sell for quite a bit less than the other monoblock sets I have seen and I can't find any reviews on them. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
I heard Marchand amplification at the two Montreal shows before last. I stayed a while in those rooms, so I guess I liked what was happening. I tend to prefer tubes these days but the Marchand gear got me to stay in spite of that. Apart from an impression of detailed, clear and relaxed sound, that's all I remember, sorry !

The Shanling SP-80 tube monoblocs I own are not too different in price from some of the Marchand models, assembled version. If you like building kits, though, the price is no contest.

I spoke too quickly. The electronics I remembered from the Montreal shows were not Marchand but Marsh. Close, but not correct. Very sorry !

Next time, I'll remember to check BEFORE I open my mouth.