Anyone using Lavardin?

I've been reading a lot about this company, didn't know anything about them. Interesting design ideas.
I see them sometimes in comparisons with LFD.
If anyone could shed some personal experience I'd be grateful.
I used a Lavardin IT for some years. For a SS amp, very nice indeed.. I prefer tubes. The sound was transparent and clean, very fast, perhaps lacking in base. The early amps were unreliable. The one I had was trouble free.
As I'm sure you're aware, speaker choice is critical with the Lavardin. An easy load with sensitivity upwards of 89db is best.

I have used (and have for sale) the IS Reference. At 30 watts it was a good match with both my Reference 3a De Cappo I's, and Living Voice IBX R-2.

I don't agree with the Lavardin not being good with bass. Perceived bass weight depends entirely on which speakers you are using, and the size of the room.

I have now moved to Single Ended 300b tubes. In comparison, the Lavardin has a great deal of 'attack', particularly with percussion. The Lavardin is very clean sounding, with great imaging and palpable presence when listening to solo or small ensemble performers. I do not recommend the Lavardin for Classical as it cannot flesh out, or separate, individual performers.

The Lavardin seems to purvey emotion rather well. I enjoyed my time with it.

Hope this helps
very much