Anyone Using Kimber Bifocal-X or Xl on Classe/B&W?

Anyone using Kimber Bi-focal on Classe amp and B&W Speakers?
I have the CDM9NT's with a Classe CA-151. I am using purist audio Aqueous bi-wired right now. Looking to upgrade.
Thanks for any Input!!!
I tried BiFocal XL with my Pass amp and Revel speakers and was very disappointed. It surely wasn't an expectation issue since I had liked the simple twisted models for my cheaper applications in the past and was very impressed with the construction of the Bi Focals when I got them. beautiful looking, terrible sound. I switched to NBS, but if you don't want to spend that much try Tara Labs or Nordost. They are so much clearer and alive. You will be shocked. You can try cables from the Cable Company.