Anyone using Gustard U12 usb converter?

I am wondering if anyone has tried out this converter yet?
The specs look good on paper. And the price seems very affordable. I am trying to learn more about jitter, and from the little I have learnt so far, this seems like something that will help me understand a lot more about digital hifi playback.

I am interested in your comments.
I replaced a John Kenny MkIII with the Gustard U12... much better. Linear power supply pays dividends for better dynamics, bass performance.
I just received mine a couple of hours ago.
I was hoping to hear some improvement but I was surprised how much clearer everything became instantly.
Just listening for about 2 hours and I notice soundstage is still a little congested, but high are crystal clear and I am hear more texture in the bass.
I did notice some skipping on one of the 24/96 tracks, but I am too tired to troubleshoot at this hour.
I am running Audirvana 2.0 on a mac mini.
I briefly attempted to play with XXHighEnd for a little while and could not get any terrific results yet.
I am guessing to clarity is better due to eliminating a lot of jitter. Noy sure why soundstage has not opened up yet.
I would be really interested in how this compares to the MF Vlink 192 and/or the AP2 with Pure Power. Has anybody tried this comparison?
This really is doing a nice job for me. Gustard also has a X12 dac for around 500. Has anyone tried that yet?

I am quite sure that these components are not in the same league as Off Ramp and others, but it does show me that minimizing jitter does a lot for my SQ.
I also learned that 24/96 is the max that I can send my Audio Note non oversampling dac.

The next thing I would like to experience is 24/192 music.
I am delighted with the increase in sound quality with the Gustard U12. However it definitely needs 7 to 10 days to break-in properly. Once it opens up, the resulting clarity is just terrific, in a "OMG I have to re-listen to my music entire collection" kind of way.

My wife even noticed the benefit. This has never happened before with any prior upgrade or tweak.

I use a SOTM SMS-100 streamer, a Corning Optical USB cable into the Gustard, with the U12 output feeding the AES/EBU connection of my Auralic Vega Dac, via a Grover Huffman digital cable. The Gustard is a great value too. Highly recommended.
After 3 days, this thing is ripping into my music files with total authority. Detail is hypnotizing and dynamics keep me glues to my seat.

I am in love.