Anyone using Graham IC-70 w/ SME V?

Just bought a Graham IC-70 phono cable w/ angled DIN here on Agon to be used with my SME V. I could not get it to work.

The connectors are directional, kind of like tubes, where there are several pins forming a circle, and one pin is "missing". So you need to rotate the heads until it just fits. When I tried this, the cable ended up pointing upwards (towards the bottom of the armboard), so it's not going to work.

Have others used this combo? Should I be looking for the non-angled-head version of this cable instead?

To avoid exactly the issue you encountered, I specify a phono cable with the straight-in 5-pole 'DIN' and not the right-angle version. And, as you know, the SME V cable input has a slot on the side for a guide key, so that also needs to match up if there is one on the cable. If the IC-70 can be disassembled, you might be able to put a straight plug on it - Cardas makes a nice one.

I'm currently have two Silver Audio 'Silver Breeze' phono cables for use with my SME V - one terminated in RCAs, one in XLR - both with the non-angled DIN. A most excellent cable for the money.


I own this cable (and others) and will note that the right angle plug housing has a set screw which can be loosend and the end piece (pin receptacle portion) can be rotated 90 degrees. It was designed for this (per Bob Graham) but please excercise care.
The graham din and the sme din are a different configurations. Has nothing to do with the "angled head"

Look at the din plug on your cable and the din inside your sme tonearm din. You'll see the pin config and the lil black plastic guide aren't in the right spots.

It can easily be adapted. I'd contact Graham. I had the same issue years ago when I bought a IC 50.
I had the same issue with my Hovland Music Groove II phono cable. I think it is a Cardas right-angle DIN. I loosened the set screw on the side of the DIN connector and rotated it 90 degrees. It was no problem.
I did open up the head to check it out and rotated it 180 degrees. But then I was not able to get the set screw back into the head. The only way I could use it would be to not put the set screw back in. But if I don't use the set screw, I am afraid that if I pull the head out, I might accidentally break the cable.

I had contacted Bob yesterday, and he told me to send it back to him to make the adjustment. I think I will do that.