Anyone using Goldring Carts?

My music hall 5.1 came factory installed with a Goldring 2200 and as a newbie, I automatically assumed that I needed to upgrade, first I tried Ortofon, then others but I keep coming back to the Goldring. My question is, even though Goldring may not be the "cool" cart to have, it sounds really resolved, full of detail, rich, articulate, and the only cartridge so far with "tunefull" bass. That being said, the only one I have not tried is Grado Prestige/Sonata. Has anyone else had this experience or can give some advise on what a resonable upgrad would be? Thanks!
I have an Audio Note IQ2 which is a modified Goldring and it sounds terrific, easily in the league of the Grado Sonata I used to own and probably better in terms of being neutral and inner detail.
I own the Transrotor Merlo Reference, a modified Goldring by Transrotor. Was my primary for years until I bought the Benz LP. The Goldring does not do anything wrong and will bring you many hours of listening pleasure. I guess it does not bet much attention as it is not "lobbied" that much by the few distributors.

Various manufacturers source their carts via Goldring. The Linn Adikt is a Goldring made cartridge. The high output ensures a good S/N ratio with midgrade receivers and integrateds.

They are great bang for buck cartridges.
Music Hall is the US audio distributor for several (mostly British) brands including Creek, Epos, Whest, and *Goldring*.

The Goldring cartridge isn't just some placeholder to help sell the turntable. Using a cartridge from within its own organization, Music Hall was able to offer a package deal with more cartridge for the money.

In fact, I have read *lots* of good comments about Goldring carts and can't recall one negative one.

FWIW it's also one of Kevin Barrett's favorite carts for the Technics SL12x0 series over at
Thanks for all the info guys! I'm enjoying the Goldring as we speak. Great listening to all!
I have the GX1012 and had a guy come by who had a $100K digital system and he said my stereo was the best he had ever heard in his life.. better than his by a mile.

Maybe it's an analog vs digital argument, but many have been floored by my system with MMF 5.2, Goldring and vintage tube amp.
I ran 2 goldrings 10 years ago,now have a 1042 on my economy rack upstairs.They had excellent bass but they just didn't hold my attention so I moved on.