Anyone Using Four Subs In A Home Theater?

Anyone Using Four Subs In A Home Theater?
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Since bass is more or less non directional and very low bass even more so I don't really see the need unless it is a very large room. Two work very well in my music and HT setups.
Stanwal, I have a very large room.
you may find this interesting

Duke seems to be very knowledgeable
I use 3. 2 JL113's in the front for HT/2 channel & a Rel Stadium III in the rear for HT only. It does take a while to get it right with 3 subs have fun with 4.
With a big room, try them in a corner to get the most out of them.
Did you see an add or a site about a company marketing a four enclosure system with a controller? I did, just recently but I can't find it again.

They looked like they could be about ten or twelve inches square and maybe twenty inches tall. They may be wireless.
Spreading the bass output can have advantages.
Hi Mitch,

I use 5 subs, but not in a room as large as yours, what was it you wanted to know?
Hi Mitch (Keith from Emotiva here) - got your question but your e-mail address got lost from the forward.

Anyway, to run 4 X-Ref 12's from one output, you can either use a four-way splitter or daisy chain them (using the balanced in and out on each). Of course the pre/pro is going to see them all as a single sub. Since the X-Ref 12's have individual EQ and level controls, you can control the balance between them by using the individual controls (you could even, for example, set one to make more lower frequencies and another to make more higher frequencies, or do even more cool customizing since each has a dual band parametric EQ. You could do some cool stuff to help control room resonances that way). Then, when you do EQ or run auto-eq on the pre/pro it will EQ the entire set as a single sub and so EQ the sum total to be correct for the room.
I went to the Regal Theater in Downtown LA last weekend. When the trailers came on I experienced an incredible sensation with the bass in that theater. It was not overly loud, but somehow you could feel the incredible sense of vise-grip power that the subwoofers had on the room. The sound system was unreal. The room felt like it was pressurized, not in an uncomfortable sense, but in a sense of absolute control. In my own home theater, I can get loud and shake the foundation with very tight bass, but I don't get the sense of absolute control that I felt in that theater. Because of the volume that I can currently generate in my home theater in my huge room, I always thought that the guys with multiple subwoofers must be nuts. Now I understand how multiple subs can help in a huge room like mine. It is not about how loud or low that you can get. I am interested in multiple subs to get that feeling that I got in the theater.

My room is 70 feet long x 22 feet wide with 22 foot ceiling height....concrete floor and ceiling with a very thick carpet and padding on the floor. That is a huge amount of cubic feet for a home theater.

My question to the guys with 3, 4 and 5 subs is what made you go beyond 2 subs and what were the benefits?

Summitav, because my room is bigger than yours, the thought of using 5 or more subs has entered my mind...something I could never dream of before I went to that theater.
I run 4 subs because I have a small room.