Anyone using/familiar with dnm precision products out of the UK?

Hello to all...  Stumbled on this oddly confusing site when searching out info on solid core speaker cables: anyone using or familiar with the company or their products?
Yes, I've been using DNM speaker cables for years and my long term opinion is that they are great with my equipment. Very user-friendly to install and coil, or run under a carpet. They have generally, over the long term, beaten out most other cables I have used. Smooth, clear.
... thank you for your experience and evaluation... why do you think they are so 'unheard of'? Do you have their electronics as well?
DNM is fantastic. 
Their site is unnecessarily confusing, yes.
Yes I use all DNM ICs.  Very affordable coherent and clean.  Only thing is they are not shielded but has not been a problem.