Anyone using DS-Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner??

I just picked up this gel today from my dealer and used it on my Dynavector 20XL2 cart. There was an improvement in sound. Prior to this I was using Clearaudio Diamond Cleaner. On use should I use this gel before I play every side of an album or after a certain number of records, What's the proper cleaning routine??
I have had mine about a year and it does the job replacing another like product that also works well. Yes, use it before each play of each side, I also use a very long bristled brush to knock off the big stuff to keep the ST-50 cleaner.
By the way, how is that new table working out? Congratulations on your good health.
Kind of depends on how dirty the records are. If they’re machine cleaned then it’s probably only needed once a session at the end. But if they’re in any way dirty or your stylus has a tendency to pick up gunk then once every couple of sides might be needed. What I like about the 50 is how it fits on the platter with clearance unlike the zero dust which is too high profile
tooblue The Turntable is working out great. Much better than my old Linn. I also use a VPI RCM to keep the records clean. Also how often do you clean the gel.
You can actually see the gel start to cloud up so I just rotate it around to a clean spot when that becomes obvious, but about once a year.