Anyone using Dayton Audio subwoofer amp

Thoughts on Dayton Audio subwoofer amplifier.
I used the cabinet of an old Velodyne sub (12" driver, 15" passive radiator), the driver I replaced with a 12" Eminence subwoofer driver, Dayton plate amp, added insulation and two 3" ports (after removing and plugging the passive radiator hole), and the sub works much better that the old Velodyne.

You don't mention what you'll be driving, but I also have a passive 15" Tannoy sub, which I'm using a Crown XTi 2002 power amp on. It's 1600 Watts into 8 ohms, and is a much better amplifier than the Dayton.

The XTi 2002 can be bought online for around $500+-. It can be bridged into mono, and has a built in crossover. It's what I recommend, if it's not out of your budget.