Anyone using Coincident Total or Super Eclipse

Somewhere between Seattle Washington and Eugene Oregon? I'm in Tacoma and would like to hear these speakers.
If you ever get a chance to travel to St.Louis, Mo.
I would be happy to let you listen to my Total Eclipse
speakers. For me they were a purchase I've never
This does not answer your question, but I had a pair of Supers and sold them and have kicked myself every day since. FWIW.
I like my Series II Supers - almost 5 years now and still a pleasure. Sorry Jeff ss, I'm in the Bay Area.

Israel Blume is working on a new top line speaker according to Salvatore. You can read about it on Arthur's site.

I may buy either Super Eclipse IIIs or Totals without hearing them first. Having read owners's comments I feel confident I'd like them. Dan, Mike and Metralla, did you ever try Coincident speaker wires and how did they compare to any others you used?
I have total eclipse (not new version) in Seattle.
Drop me a line.
with tubes you'll be in heaven with alot of options amplification-wise,,,,,,,,enjoy
Super Eclipse IIIs are highly overrated IMHO. In my system, they sounded like a competent 2K speaker. You can do much better for the money.

i have the partial eclipses right now mated with tubes and am very pleased.imagine the more expensive eclipses would be even better.