Anyone using BillyBags for a TT stand?

My current audio rack is very wobbly. I'd prefer not to mount my Scoutmaster on a shelf, so I'm thinking that I should invest in a more solid audio rack. I've never had any experience with BillyBags so wondering if anyone can attest to their solidity and how good they are for turn tables.

My 'tables are on a Billy Bags LP rack. Weighs a ton, works great.

I am using a Billy Bags Pro-54-3 with sand filled legs, and what a great rack it is. Solid as a rock, super build quality, and really improved the sound quality of all my components, but especially my VPI Scoutmaster TT. Huge difference, HUGE !! Do it.
I have one - not in use now except to pile laundry on, but it is exceptionally well made, looks great, and solid as a rock. Should be fine as a TT stand.
Yep, I use a double wide Billy Bags Pro rack for all my gear, including turntable. Excellent quality workmanship. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. However, the MDF shelving sounds like dullness incarnate under my Scout. Your mileage may vary. Perhaps the thicker chassis on the Scoutmaster is less subject to this?? I still think you'll need need a Gingko or maple platform to extract the best from your table in addition to a good rack.
get rid of the particle board shelving on any of these stands and for the TT position, get a piece of granite cut, which will sound much better than the MDF.
IME, granite sucks. It rings and this caused HF smearing with my TT. It may sound different than MDF but both are not that good for shelves. What I did find to work well with granite was to put Stillpoints between the granite and TT. This may be a workable solution for Madfloyd. The Stillpoints almost make the shelf material irrelevant.