Anyone using battery backup

Does anyone have their computer, HD(s) & LCD on a backup just in case of a brownout just to give you time to shut down? If so, what are you using?
All my sources and display in my main rig run off a PurePower regenerator with battery backup. Living in Florida it is a must as our power is horrible.
I used an over-spec'd TrippLite unit for years until the battery gave out at last. Never replaced that because I switched to a laptop. I would never use one of these on my audio gear, though.
I have an APC S15 which has battery backup for my gear, except the power amps which pulled so much power I put them on a seperate PS Audio Duet.

The APC has been great, really cleaned up my system from the day I put it in. Like Kennyt we have terrible power, so I am very careful about how my gear is connected to power grid. We have lost 3 laptops and even worse, the computer portion of a Thermador 30" convection oven has been replaced twice in 5 years and looks like toast again now. All from power surges.
As mentioned above, I will not be using this as a surge protector. This will be just as a backup for the computer, external HD's and the LCD for the computer audio part of the system. The UPS will plug into a surge protector. I also have a whole house surge protector.
For computers I have had good luck with Tripp-lite, Apc, and Liebert. Of course I would not use any of those for audio equipment. Battery replacement is a consideration when looking to buy one. Apc is the easiest I've worked with so far.

If you aren't using one for you computer, buy one immediately! I use the biggest APC I thought was reasonable, it also covers my cable feed as well.

A solid line protector with backup is also a good idea for your audio, but they are much different than for your computer and more expensive but also worth it!