Anyone using Aurios Bearings under amps?

My recent thread- 'Isolation Tweak Confusion' didn't flush out any Vistek Aurios Bearings users. Anyone using the Aurios bearings under amps with good results? Thanks.
The Vistek Aurios is a first rate product. My setup from top to bottom is a MDF board, three Aurios Pro bearings, a BDR shelf and a 5 shelf Target rack. The rack holds the integrated amp, digital processors, CD player and turntable. The Aurios does everything its claimed to do. At the other end of the cost spectrum, I've also had good experiences with Vibrapods. Hope this helps.
Works like a charm under my Bryston 3BST. The only caveat is that you MUST find a way to prevent cables from pulling the amp off-centre. [Despite what some report,I also prefer to use maple cutting-boards to mdf under the Aurios & I dont know how to account for the added warmth that is achieved.] Maybe not a panacea but an indispensible tweek.
Barry points out the only problem with Aurios MIB is stiff
AC cord or ICs can prevent them from working, some creative
use of suspension/supports can sometimes nuetralize this.
They are very revealing when properly set up without tilting
tonal balance towards treble like most cones do. I would start with source component and work out to amps as budget
and musical taste dictate. I don't own tube amps but think they would be effectively used under them.

Newer/larger/more expensive MIB Pro are supposedly easier to
set-up and balance and may be more tolerant of stiff cables,
should be seeing some reviews of these soon, have not tried them personally. I belive we will start seeing reviews of MIB Pro being used under floorstanding speakers soon.
In my experience, throwing lots of cash at footers, without using a good rack/shelf, is not wise. Using a light/rigid welded steel rack, and investing in Neuance shelves, the exotic footers I have are all now back in "the cupboard", and the sound has never been better.