Anyone using Audyssey for stereo

I've recently had a great experience using Velodune's SMS -1 to correct for room issues in the lower frequencies. I've also been following Stereophile's ongoing analysis of room correction for multi-channel with great interest. This has gotten me wondering about applicability for high end 2 channel use. The SMS has pretty much squashed my inclination toward the "purist" signal path approach and I'm thinking about Audyssey (either stand alone or via the Integra Pre/Pro) in my "music only" stereo system.

Aside from the odd "bedfellows" issue of putting an Integra pre/pro between an Oracle + Graham/Transifguration + Aesthetix Rhea front end and my ARC VT130 SE, I'm wondering if this is a good idea. Even after the happy results from the SMS-1, the A/D/A conversion still makes me a bit queasy, but I suspect that the trade off may justify it. Anyone doing this?
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I'll check out Kal's comments and keep an eye peeled for anything you post. Thanks for "poison testing".