Anyone using Audio Note conquests into Zingali's

I am using an AN zero transport and Pink Triangle decapo DAC into Audio Note M3 pre and AN Conquest monoblocks. I need some mid sized stand mount speakers, budget $4,500. Anyone using the Zingali Overture 2s with 300b amps? Is 18 watts a side enough for 91db efficiency?

I have leapt from SS (Musical Fidelity A370-2 into Kef 107/2s into the valve world!) Help!!! I hope I haven't lost the killer bass and dynamics, the wife said the kefs HAD to go....
Hi, I just found your post. I have AN Silver Quests, so only 9 watts a side, and my speakers are Zingali Overture 4s. It's a truly wonderful match. I've heard the Zingali 2s with the AN Quest Silvers (it's my dealer's main setup), and I think you'll be very happy with the 2s and the AN Conquests. 300B SET amps and horns are meant to be together, and the Zingali horns are the best I've heard. The best description I can give you is that they sound "just right." The dynamics are wonderful, and the detail is truly impressive--without ever being fatiguing. In terms of killer bass, that depends on what you mean. If you want a booming, pounding, indistinct bass, then we're not talking about the same thing. If you want a clear, tight bass that is natural as well as impressive, you'll find it with this match. The midrange is so exceptional, some people think the bass isn't as strong. Yet too often the midrange is weak in speakers where the bass seems killer. Compared to the KEFs, I think you'll find the Zingalis a distinct improvement--one which will continue to grow and grow and grow on you. And there's no comparison regarding looks--the Zingali's are truly gorgeous. I thing the 2s are particularly beautiful. If, however, you find yourself wanting more bass in the future, Zingali does make a very good sub.

I hope this helps. Good listening.

I would recommend using the AN AN-E speakers on the conquests. Amazing to say the least. The Conquests were voiced on the AN-E. A magical combination.

I would also highly recomend the Zingalis. Ive heard the M3 thru Quest silvers into Zingali 2s. It was wonderful. If you get a chance hook up a pair. Be prepared to buy them!