Anyone using attenuators with mac mc275?

Do they sound any different than the 275 volume controls and
what type are you using. Thanks.
I am using endler stepped attenuator's on the inputs of my cj power amps. they are very good and very transparent.
have a look at the web site.
I had asked McIntosh about doing that and was told not to - you can but at lower volume levels it's going to sound bad - and distort and it does. I just bought the C2200 preamp which arrives today.
I have not found my endlers to distort at any volume setting.
I did not find the rothwell attenuators to distort, they just were not that transparent.
I also have the Endler attenuators, and can attest to what Downunder says. They do not distort, regardless of volume level.
I too have the Endler Attenuators, and I agree, they are completely transparent and do not distort at any volume setting.