Anyone using an SA-102 on a tough load?


I am curious whether the SA-102 can stand up to a really tough load. My Piegas are like 85db, and dip below 3 ohms. The SA-102 is supposed to be a beast, but the fact remains that it's still only 125 watts into 8. And not even rated into 4.

So what's the verdict?


If you're concerned about power, go for the SA 250 Mark IV.
I tried a SA 100 MK3 with my Shahinian Diapasons. The Shahinians are rated at 800 watts and dip to 1 ohm. My ears gave out before the Plinius did. It can really blast. It seemed more powerful than my 380/channel class b amp. I think the 102 has more power than the 100.
I can't go 250. The 102 puts out 25% the HEAT of the 250, and I have a small room. Ouch!

Good to know that it can manhandle the Shahinians. . .Thanks. . .
Ok,so that's the winter amp. You're looking for the summer amp. I'll be my little Eagle 4 (runs cool) could do some damage in that situation. (below 3 ohms)

I think you'll really be fine here. I have the SA 100MkII paired with B&W Matrix 801 S2 which are 87db. and usually like lots of power to drive. Cant say enough how well the Plinius delivers the bass whacks and gets plenty loud without strain.. The SA 100 bench tests at 130/8ohm before clipping..I think the 102 is probably closer to 150W/8 Ohm. The 102 will double its power conservatively into 4 ohms.Plinius really doesn't recommend less than 4 ohm loads CONSISTANTLY and that is the key word. You probably wont be dipping to low for too long. The proof of course will be in the listening, but I think you'll find them satisfactory.--Best!--Ken