Anyone using an Okki Nokki?

I have yet to take the plunge and buy a record cleaning machine. One of my dealer's distributors has begun to carry the Okki Nokki line. I would like to hear from anyone who has used this device. How good of a job does it do? Is it quiet? Simple to operate? Reliable? How does it compare to other RCM's?

Thanks in advance!
I bought the Music Hall RCM which is a step up from the ON.  I'm very pleased with what it can do for the price.  They are all going to be loud in this price range, but with ear plugs, no big deal.   I'm not going to be the guy that spends $3k on a RCM.
Had a VPI 16.5 that I purchased new for years and it was a great machine. Gave it to a fellow vinylholic audiobud and purchased the ON a few months ago.  It works well, does a great job cleaning, is quieter and I am overall happy with it, albeit with one exception: upon turning on the vaccum, I have to push the vacuum wand down onto the record (VPI goes down on the record upon switching on the vacuum) and sometimes after shutting the vacuum off, the wand fails to automatically spring back up so I have to "assist" it. I think the machined tolerances of the delrin parts are a bit too tight; it would be nice if this part of the machine functioned as does the VPI. Otherwise I am happy with it and the metal case is MUCH better than the VPI.

Yeah, the Okki does this funny thing sometimes. With good fluids and soaking it cleans well. Motor and vacuum appear to be good. I even put $14 shielded aftermarket cord on it - sounds better ! Don't laugh, okay? I've had it for two years and cleaned hundreds of times, trouble free so far.
Had my Okki for 3 months after owning a Spin Clean for 2 years. Love the ON. It cleans better and is soooo easy to use. My complaint with the SC is the setup and cleanup. Also, the grunge from the first couple lps hangs suspended in the SC, necessitating frequent replacement of the cleaning fluid. And lastly, using the SC for a single lp is not very practical. Cleaning an lp with the ON is simple and quick. The ON has none of the above negatives. And let's not forget the price of an Okki vs that of a VPI 6.5.