Anyone Using An FM Transmitter?

Specifically to distribute music around the house. I recently started using a Ramsey transmitter and I couldn't be happier. I have complete coverage of the property with very high quality sound (had to figure out how not to over modulate in order to get good sound). Compared to the previous computer network based methods I had tried, the FM transmitter is more reliable, covers a larger area and requires less equipment. It's also easier to use for the technically challenged in the house.

Fortunately I live in an area with unused FM frequencies and my neighbors are not that nearby. Not sure it would work well in crowded urban areas, or in apartment/condos, but for others FM transmitters might be well worth investigating.
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Onhwy61, which model are you using. I have a cheapo FM transmitter that is pretty much useless and have been in search of something that will work. I see a couple on amazon. My need is confined to my shop, so that I can broadcast to my hearing protectors with FM rececption.
The models on amazon start at about 45.oo and work their way up.
I use a Ramsey FM30b. The manufacturer sells it as a kit or you can find fully assembled units on-line for around $300. They do show up occasionally used for around $125-150. I looked at the sub $100 ones on Amazon and was turned off by the user comments about sound quality and coverage area.
Thank your the reponse. How extensive is nthe assembly process? Is it just a few soldering joints or does it require test equipment to set it up?
Can't comment on kit building since I bought a used assembled unit.
FM, by decree of the FCC, is restricted to 30Hz to 15k. Not to mention that the SNR, in the best situation, is 70 dB.

I guess what I am saying is, if you are listening to a baseball game over it, great, but you could kill the sound of an otherwise fantastic system by feeding it FM transmitted audio.
I was looking at the "wholehousefmtransmitter" and think I will try it,as it has a 120 day in home trial period. If it isn't satisfactory I get a Ramsey. Thanks for your help.