Anyone using Ammara or Pure Music with Tidal?

I have Pure Music loaded into my Mac. All of my CD's are loaded into I tunes. Is anyone utilizing Pure Music with Tidal?

I have Amarra for Tidal on my Mac. I have had a lot of trouble with it. Dropouts and occasionally locks up. If I stream directly from the Tidal site I have no problems. The sound is very similar between the two. I can not recomment Amarro for Tidal
I purchased a license for Amarra for TIDAL (paid extra for the iOS remote) and had nothing but problems. I love the Amarra sound but this software is a frustrating mess and not worth bothering with. On the other hand an Amarra sQ+ and TIDAL desktop app pairing works quite well and sounds terrific IMO.
I deleted Tidal this morning, frustrated with trying to get it working with pure music and did not like having to load google chrome for hi fi operation.