anyone using Adona racks ?

I am looking for a 3 shelve rack . I see Adona advertising on A.A all the time, I would like to stay under $1000. any suggestions ?
I use the A45CS4, in all black. My purchase decision was finalized when I was lucky to find one used here. I am so pleased that I will get a second one in the future to go along side. They are of very sturdy duty and come in two (plus an extra short) height choices for the shelves, of which three sizes are available. They can always be added to or changed giving room to grow. I assume their design of having cones between each shelf level actually does isolate vibrations etc, very well.
I have two A45CS4 racks in my system & love them.
I really love the modular design & can change them around to suit my needs = very flexible when changing equipment.
They are very sturdy & can handle 350 lbs. per shelf.
If you use a turntable - go for the larger 20" X 24" shelf for the top.
Suggest you call Paul & discuss your specific needs.
i was at an audio store in cincinnati, ohio in august and they had a used 3 shelf adona rack for sale. You may want to check with them to see if they still have it. the store's name is Audible Elegance (you can do a web search to find contact info)
Adona racks seem to be very expensive for what they appear to be made of.
But, that can be said about just about everything in this hobby.
Rhapsd, there is a A45CS4 for sale right now, here. These rarely come up used!
Thank you all for your replies, Isochroism thanks for the heads up on the used A45CS4 rack on A.A. they are on their way as I write this. I really didn't need four shelves but I couldn't pass up the price, maybe in the future there will be a need for the other two shelves
SYMPOSIUM ISIS the best rack sound wise.
SYMPOSIUM ISIS the best rack sound wise.

Interesting. How did this get established?

From what i know the Symposium ISIS racks are on the 4k price range, way over op's budget.
Paladin, I'll get three, then!!! Rhapsd, I predict at some point you will find need for all, not wishing an audio afflication upon you, of course. Please update after they are setup. My Adona expansion will commence after I relocate from apartment to house in this oncoming spring season.
Just get some SYMPOSIUM SVELTE shelfs on any Adona rack for a great upgrade this way you dont have to spend a lot of cash.
Tried to buy speaker feet from them that I ordered on May 5 and had not received by May 22. Called and got the "Oh, I thought she called you" bit. Not in stock and would take another month and a half. Can't speak for the racks but I can speak for the service.