Anyone using accuphase DAC-10 option board?

I'm thinking of buying for my E407.My current front end is wadia 22 transport,audio alchemy dti pro 32,and DDE 3.0. A MSP power the AA. Will the DAC-10 equal or better the DDE 3.0 I now have? Any thoughts welcomed.I couldn't find any reviews on the net.Thanks,SL
Not me, but fyi (as per Accuphase tech support) the D/A "is the same configuration as that employed in the DP-55V CD player, but difference is that the DAC-10 accepts digital signal of sampling frequency up to 96kHz". I did find a positive review, but I can't find the link anymore...
I got a response from acccuphase. The DAC-10 is not made for the E-407 but to use in the older units.Thanks Shawn