Anyone using AC regenerator with Kii Three’s?

My simple system consists of Kii Three speakers driven by an Antipodes DX music server, connected to an Ansuz Mainz D8 power distributor. Those are the only audio components in my listening room, which is located in a stand-alone studio with it’s own breaker box. The internet router is located in the main house.

I’m debating whether the substitution of a PS Audio P12 or P15 regenerator would improve the performance of the system, with the regenerator replacing the Ansuz passive conditioner. PS Audio offers in-home trials, but thought I’d ask for opinions before going that route.

Does anyone have practical experience using Kii Three speakers with an AC regenerator? Also, do you have an opinion on whether the lower priced P12 would be sufficient? I listen to mainly female vocals, jazz & electronica. Volume levels are moderate. Thanks in advance for any responses.