Anyone using a Sumiko Blackbird w/ Solid State?

I've been going through cartridges like candy this month trying to find a good fit for my classic rock LP collection.

I jumped on the Audio Technica OC9ML/II bandwagon over at Vinyl Asylum but found it slightly bright and bass shy with my Musical Fidelity A300 and Von Schweikert VR-1's.

Someone has suggested the Sumiko Blackbird as an alternative - said it's got more bass and is less bright than the OC9. Does anyone have any experience and opinions with the Blackbird and solid-state amps?
Only with all tube system: MMF-7tt, AR PH3 phono pre, AR SP16L preamp, VAC PA100/100 amp, JM Reynaud Offrande speakers. Very happy although I am getting the upgrade bug re: TT. If I do upgrade I will keep the Blackbird on new rig.
I think the Blackbird would work very well. I ran it into the A300, before changing to the A308, and it sounded nice, detailed but with a smooth top end, running a pair of Joseph Audio RM25si MkIIs.
Thank you Brnlaw - that's very helpful.

Everything I keep reading about the Blackbird has been very good. I'm quite excited about trying it out with my system and hopefully this will be "the one"!

Man, I thought finding a good wife was expensive and hard work - this cartridge deal is rediculous!