Anyone using a Power Plant to power an XBR CRT?

I was told my '500 might shut down because of the power draw of the CRT during power-up.
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I doubt it will, my 34" XBR WEGA never gave me an issue, try it before you fall for speculation.
Barrows@P.S.Audio sez to use a '600 or '1000. I guess a PPP would work, but it has more outlests than I need.
I'm at a total lose as to WHY anyone would use up the power capacity of a Power Plant to run a 34" tv! I can't imagine any gains you think you might see in clarity, detail, lack of noise, better color, whatever, from using a "cleaner(?)" source to plug into. But hey, that's just me.
Do let us know how well it comes out, and if you're image on the WEGA is twice as good. Cause, yeah, I'm curious...sure.
So a Powerplant would make all kinds of differences for all kinds or real and/or perceived reasons, but you wouldn't know WHY it would make some real or perceived difference on a TV. WHY NOT?
Actually, I owned the 300. And while I did find it made a differnce, I would say it was more of a "tweak" than anything - not a miraculous transformation of my audio system, basically. It was someone what of a "tweak" basically. Like any tweak, yes you try it, and maybe it does and maybe it doesn't do some benefit. But then I did it for audio equip only.
Would I suspect a change in a video image for a tubed TV plugged into it, which likely pulls more than 300w? I would suspect that on a small 32" image, you wouldn't notice enough reduction in any potential video noise, or see any increase in color saturation to make it worth a couple of thousand dollars! But that's me.
But, I'm still curious to what he finds out. Maybe it is a huge improvement. What do I know.
Well you could read the reviews and see what they say about doing such a thing. Basically, if any improvement, I predict like I said - maybe some video noise reduced - not much else that you couldn't get by simply tweaking the adjustment of the TV. And likely not more of an improvement than you would get over a good line conditioner, Monster power strip, etc.
But, yep, could be WAY wrong. I just think it's a bit of a stretch and overkill, with diminishing potential results likely. I suspect the law of diminishing vs. the huge cost of such an item, makes no sense.
So yes, please update us as to what you find. I'd like to be proven way wrong on this one, really...
FWIW I hooked a Foundation research to my Elte Pro151FD and so a noyiceable difference.
FWIW I hooked a Foundation Research to my Elite Pro 151FD and saw a noticeable improvement. Sorry I hate errors.
I use a Power Plant Premier where I plug my Sony 36" XBR HD into and it does help with clarity. You have to be careful not to exceed the power capacity of the Power Plant you have or it will go into pass through mode and just pass normal AC power to the connected components.

You can find the wattage draw of your XBR CRT in the owner's manual. They draw about 50% less of the new LCD/Plasmas in terms of wattage.

I would venture to say you are right on the boarder on what the 500 can handle expecially if you have anything else plugged into it.
I could see it being something worth tinkering with, if you were trying to squeeze every possible ounce out of a large high definition display or projection system, that was being scrutinized for a large critical image. But for a 32" display? I mean, if it were me I'd just move my seat back a foot or so (lol) further, rather than using a couple grand worth of power conditioner - which might barely fit the power requirements of what I was plugging into it. Dunno.
But again, that's just me...and I, for one, am all for tweaks and av gadgets myself.
But hey, yeah do let us know if your resolution doubles or your "colors" do indeed become more pristine or something and such.
I know someone that had a 65" Syntax-Brillian rear projection used with a PPP daisy-chained with a few of Richard Grey power thingies.
I don't know if a CRT pulls more juice than an RP, but I'm willing to try as the '600 can be had for as low as $600.
Really? $600. Hummm. That is a good deal. Think my 300 was like $850 that I paid.
So where do you find that deal? Lol
Somewhere me.