Anyone using a Pass 250.5?

I am looking for some opinions on the Pass amp. I have current hungry speakers and would like to know if this amp has the power to handle them. I have not seen too much discussion on these amps. A while back a couple of members liked them but I have seen that they have since sold them. Any happy owners out there?
Can't speak to the .5 version, but if it's like the 350 that I have, it'll freakin drive a truck if you need it to.

Lots of reserve and in many ways better than my Manley 350's. But as nice as it is, it still doesn't have that WARM toob glow.

The real problem with sand amps are they are deadly accurate, and on some material, that's a little more than I want to hear.

But on well recorded material, it can't be beat. BTW: I think the depth, not a Pass Hallmark, is better than the Manley's.

I have been using a Pass X350.5 for three months. I have owne many amps over the years both solid state and tube. This is my all time favorite. It leaves so little sonic signature that it is amazing. It really makes me feel like I am listening to the source material with nothing in between. Compared to the X350? Better in every aspect. Bass, smoothness, musical timber etc. The .5 is a quantim leap forward that should be explored.
Not too many months ago, I replaced a Krell FPB200 with a Pass X250.5 amp in my main system, as the Krell didn't have the desired signature with my new speakers (WP7s). The FPB, while glorious on the old speakers, sounded a bit etched on the new Wilsons.

Comparatively, the Pass has better timbral representation & even better palpability in the treble region (an area of the WPs that could be improved on). I am delighted with the musicality of the 250.5, which I have hooked up to a Python Vx at the moment. A von Gaylord Chinchilla power cord was overkill on the Pass amp.

I listen to classical, more chamber than symphonic, and lots of choral/vocal. YMMV. B/c I also own Aerials in two of my other sound systems (7Bs and 5s), I can confidently predict that the Pass might be an excellent match, as it won't add warmth to the Aerials by any means.

As to power, the Wilsons are quite easy to drive. I have never owned a speaker in this particular system that isn't easy to drive, so I can't provide any feedback on the other question.
I have not heard the 250.5 (I own a 250) and I am very happy with it, I would summarize that it is the best SS amp I have had just behind the Gryphon Anthileon by a small margin. I am currently evaluating a Premier 8 with excelent results (better results in my system than the 250)

I am using a Pass 250.5 in my system. I also use the Pass X2.5 Preamp. This amp/preamp combination replaced a BAT VK500/VK40 combination. No Comparison, the Pass Labs components, to me, are more enjoyable to listen to. Very detailed, yet easy to listen to for hours and hours.

The best complement that I can give on these components is that I am not thinking about any one area when I listen. Often times components seem to highlight one area, bass response as an example, and after a period of time this becomes a distraction to the music. The Pass Labs amplification components seem to be balanced in their musical presentation so that all I do is listen.

Highly recommended.