Anyone using a NAD M3 with Maggies?

I am looking at upgrading my Jolida 302a. I auditioned the M3 paired with Focal ~800 series speakers and it sounded fabulous. I have Maggies 1.6qr and wondering how they would sound with the M3.
Has anyone heard maggies powered by an M3?

Do you think this would be a good mate?
Thank you in advance.
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Elizabeth, demoing sounds like the prudent thing to do.

Which Bryston model do you have and how do you like it?

I think she has the 4B SST2.
The M3 sounds a lot better than the stigma most attach to NAD product. I recently got the C375BEE (the lower down on the line-up) integrated by NAD as a smaller second system. Speakers and sourcing aside it does remarkably well and has plenty of power for most full range speakers at moderate levels.

I've always been impressed with the M3. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised, and hard pressed to find another integrated in that price range that could hang with Maggies...
I would second those positive comments on the M3, but cant comment on suitability with the speakers. I owned an M3 years ago and it is a tremendous amp for that price. I also wonder why it does not have a bigger following, per Elizabeth's comments.
I think the M3 has good reviews but perhaps NAD stepped into a price/product segment where they are not generally recognised?
I haven't heard the M3 with Maggies but I have used their C275BEE stereo amp with my 3.6's with excellent results. I now use the Cary 500 monoblocks and they are definitely better than the C275 but the sound with the NAD was still excellent. The NAD cost about $800 used; the used Carys were $3,400.

I kept the NAD and moved it upstairs; would most likely never sell it. It's an excellent performer.
Another option; watch for a used pair of Cary 500's. Buy them, test them out on the 1.6's and if you don't like the sound, resell on Audiogon. They dissappear quickly when they do show up used, that should tell you something.
Thanks for all the recommendations. I travelled to Toronto last week and bought a bryston 4b st. It arrived a couple of days ago and I hooked it up the maggies. All I can say is wow! A match made in heaven.

Thanks again
I actually did hear that combo and it was very good. I was interested in the Nad but they would not let me take it home so I moved on.
I have used the M3 with the Maggie 1.7s since since purchasing the Maggies in mid 2010 and this is an excellent combo. After living with this combo, listening to far more costly systems have yet to impress me.

Of course there may be better amps for Maggies but there is no reason to be afraid of the M3.