Anyone Using a McIntosh Amp With JM Lab 936s?

I am seriously considering selling my Thiel 3.5 speakers and moving up to the JM Lab Focal 936 Series speakers. I currently have a pair of JM Lab Chorus 714s mated with a McIntosh 4100 Receiver and the combination is way beyond my expectations. Smooth and with great dynamics for such an inexpensive speaker. I suspect even better results with the higher end JM Lab speakers and my main electronics setup.
My current set includes a McIntish MC2002 200 watt amp, a C712 Preamp, 7007 CD Player, and MR73 Tuner all connected by Transparent MusicWave Plus wires and Speaker cables.
That may be a sideways move. Your Thiels are an excellent speaker when paired with a powerful amp like you have. Phil Brady.