Anyone using a Marchand crossover???

Can you let me know what application you are using it in? I was thinking of getting a Bryston xover (recommended by member) then someone told me about Marchand. Anyone have experience with it????

Rick: The active crossover in my JL-1s which splits the bass and treble signals is a Marchand product. About to be upgraded and tweaked by that "someone" you refer to. :^) Uses high quality parts, although not a cost-no-object design (although I believe Marchand has more esoteric products available than the boards in my crossovers). Marchand is a well-known name in the active crossover area.
I'm using a Marchand XM9-3 Deluxe and have no complaints about it. Like anything else, it is built to a price point and can be upgraded as one feels the need. It does have some nice features ( such as the "blend" circuit ) that other crossovers lack, making it slightly more versatile and easier to get things dialed in with. Sean
I use an xm9-2 Deluxe with Martin Logan and Genesis sub. It can be upgraded to a balanced output. I am considering it. Otherwise I have no complaints. I dpn't know if the Bryston is better. One person that I conversed with on line says that the marchand tube unit is the best out there.

Afriend of mine in the LA area swears by Marchand's for his JBL obsession.
I have owned the XM9 and now own the XM44-3. These are high quality products, nicely built with no problems. Phil Marchand answers the phone when you call for info so it's a real 'hands-on' business. Buy with confidence.
I am currently using a XM9 Deluxe 2 way, and am very pleased with it. Like the others have mentioned, it isn't a cost no object model, but it offers many features and quiet performance for the dollar. I have found it to be PC sensitive in stock form. I have also talked with a fellow on AA about them, and he has upgraded his XM9 with an external power supply. I haven't tried it, but it makes sense to me after he explained it to me, and I will try it, as soon as cash and time allow. The point is, these crossovers are very flexable and have the potential to be upgraded with ease. Phil is also a pleasure to do business with, and he can advise you on many upgrades as well. Check them out at, I highly recommend one!
I use a XM44-3 for about 9 months now, very pleased with it and Phil has been extremely helpful and great to do business with.