anyone using a duet with network attached storage?

Does it work well? Do you need to be a network engineer to make it work? What NAS device are you using?


An Apogee Duet? If so, I'm not sure how this is different than any other DAC?
Sorry, should have been clearer. I am asking about a Logitech Squeezebox Duet. The question being, if you don't want to use your computer as the music source, you can put the music files on a NAS device, and the Duet should be able to access them there, no computer needed. In theory. Want to make sure people have gotten it to work before I start down that road.
i just went through the process of picking a nas. i use a transporter but same process with squeezebox server. with most nas devices, you will need to leave squeezebox server (sbs) on your computer and change the location the files are accessed to the nas (this is a very simple process which i would be happy to explain if you need some help). there are a few nas boxes that have processors and can run sbs on the nas. this is a different, embedded version, of sbs. there are the netgear readynas duo and vortexbox device, sure theres a few more. there are benefits to both and quirks to both. i ended up going with the simplest path which is a fanless, small nas from seagate called the blackarmor nas 110. very cheap too, $165 at bestbuy. i still run sbs on my laptop and can control with it, the duet remote or an app on my droid. i rip on my laptop with dbpoweramp and the file goes to the nas too. i backup manually with a external usb hardrive (you must do this). i do find that scans are slow (about 15 minutes) but i hope this may improve as they keep evolving sbs (and i get a better laptop).

hope this helps. i found the whole process of learning how to do this overwhelming and confusing. i am not a computer guy but man have i learned a ton about it. happy to share more if you need it...
forgot to mention...

a good router will help a great deal. i ended up getting a netgear dualband n+ and do not get dropouts from loss of signal. it also has fast transfer speed and a usb port that can turn a usb hard drive into a nas. people think i am crazy but i also found it sounds better. people have always thought that i was crazy so i'm cool with that...who spends 4 hours listening to an outlet anyway...? who spends 5 hours moving a speaker back and forth 1/8 of an inch listening to the same 2 songs...? you know who you are men....
Thanks Richard. I'm going to get the Netgear product, as I really want the ability to just use the Duet remote and skip the computer. But your insights are very helpful. I may indeed get in touch if I get stuck. Thanks again!

good luck dgaylin! you will probably need to upgrade to the current version of sbs and instructions can be found on the slim wiki page. let me know if you need some help getting stuff going...