Anyone using a Belkin Pure AV PF60 conditioner?

I'm interested in the Belkin PF60 a/v surge/conditioner, as was wondering if anyone out there in audiogon land uses or has heard this unit. I'm currently using a PS Audio UO with a juice bar connected to it. Would I be downgrading with the Belkin? Thanks.
To me the PF60 had this signature.
~more punch,tightened and increased dynamics(upper bass)
~attenuated the low octave. Too much for me even with amps off the conditioner.
~the air,spaciousness was attenuated.
~recorded instruments and vocals lost the holographic 3d quality.
~the layers and distances of acoustic objects where foreshortened.
I have a pretty ideal power situation so take that into consideration with my comments.
I popped it into my aged HT system(display is new)the day before I returned it and almost kept it on the improvements it made to daytime display quality,no picture noise ,deeper color,blacker black,better detail.

Thanks Clbeanz for the response...I had ordered one without hearing and my results were very similar to yours. The Belkin in my system produced the same first 2 listed signatures....and on air and spaciousness, it was less for me. Along with your first 2 signatures, there was defiantly a loss in the 3d quality. And as far as layering, the sweet spot was farther back and there was alot less definition of different depth's in the soundstage. The soundstage width wasn't as wide either. The video side of the Belkin was the same for me and I would have decided to keep it if it had only 4 outlets for video( monitor,dvd,vcr,etc. ) along with the cable/satellite protection for the video side only. Video was better, but the audio side was very disappointing.
I have been using one now for about 3 months or more. Can't comment on the video side, but for me on the audio side it works very well indeed and find it much better than the Monster Cable HT 5000 for my purposes. Plus it has saved my system twice due to major power surge. Good ole Florida Power and Light can no longer toast my gear.
I recently got the PF60, which replaced a Monster HTS 3500 MKII conditioner (now relegated to video use). The Belkin, vs. the Monster, significantly IMPROVED bass, imaging, and overall soundstage. I have a dedicated 20A line for my audio setup (Squeezebox, Benchmark DAC, Modwright SWL 9.0 pre, Belles 350A Ref amp, and ML Summits), and the Belkin does not degrade the sound whatsoever, compared to plugging everything directly into the wall. I am very pleased with it.