Anyone using a 27ix/270 with a Purcell?

I am currently using a Purcell to upsample the output of a Wadia 270 that is clocklinked to a 27ix. This works fine at 88k, but when usampled to 96k, I hear intermittent static pops that are similar to what I would expect "dirty" vinyl to sound like.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Any ideas for solving this issue?
Having owned the Purcel in the past I can tell you--- You don't get 96/24 unless you use their Delius or better dacs.---This is what I did; I bought the Audiomecca Enkainthus dac--sold the Purcel and the sound quality went way up.
I have a 270/27ix combo. A friend also had a 270/27ix combo with a Purcell. He thought that it improved the sound but a direct comparison was not so easy. He drove to me and we tested his 270/Purcell/27ix vs. mine 270/27ix extensively. Bottom line: The Purcell didn’t make a significant difference – we were unable to tell which was better.

So you may use your money for better tuning options:
- Using Aural Symphonics Optimism optical interconnect instead of Wadias standard AT&T cables gives a significant improvement. This is true not only for the data link, but – to my surprise – also for the clock link.
- Using Elrod Statement II power cords for Wadia brings this combo to a completely new level of performance. If you want to start with one Elrod Statement II cord, put it on the 27ix. A perfect match! Top class low level detail, great 3D, very musical!
- Finally pay attention to resonance control. I used Polycrystal Reference Cones before which were relatively cheap and significantly better than the Wadia feet, but I now use Shun Mook Ultra Diamond Resonators and those are a class of its own.
Thanks for your input.

Well if you think the Elrods are good, then try a VD Master and hear your Wadia for the first time.I tried the Elrod and the VD made mince meat out of them, there was not one area where the Statement came close!Uli is correct on the Aural Symphonics cables,they make a huge difference when compared to stock cords.Also, the io gel is worth about 15 to 20% improvement over a regular cable.Have fun Dennis

That's crazy talk. Next time you go on vacation, send me your powercords so I could compare. I'll pay for shipping both ways.