Anyone using 2 preamps in their rig?

I see lots of guys with more than one set of speakers, Dac’s and turntables…what about Preamps? I’m not ready to part ways with my Levinson 380S but I’ve been looking hard at the Allnic L-1500 fully balanced tube linestage. I’m thinking I could stack it on top of the Levinson and just swap the XLR’s when I want to listen to it.




No. I strive for the best sound possible. That requires every penny for each component goes into the very best component I can possibly acquire. So, even owning two is wasting money… to me.

@ghdprentice Makes sense! My quandary is as I look up the performance ladder the prices get scary.

@stringreen The Allnic has great reviews and I’d be interested to see what tubes would bring to my rig. 

I did that with my Benchmark LA4 preamp and CODA 07x preamp. One was neutral and clean and the other was a bit warmer. I had a real complicated setup there. There were 2 DACs going into each preamp with RCA and XLR, 2 tuners, one by both RCA and XLR, SACD player. I also had a second amp on the CODA 07x via XLR to the amp for my RAAL SR1a headphones. The CODA also had an XLR going to my speaker amp(s).

When I wanted a more neutral sound I would change the speaker amp XLR to the LA4 preamp. When I wanted a warmer tone I switched the amp XLR to the CODA 07x. After a while I realized I liked the LA4 better and sold the 07x.

However, it was a fun exercise.