Anyone used the Rogue M-180's to driveThiel 2.7's

I just replaced my venerable 3.5's after 21 years and I am going to splurge on new amplification. I know Thiel uses SS as reference amps (Krell and Bryston) but I am jazz and classical guy and have always leaned toward tubes. Thiels are ineffecient and at 4 ohms I am concerned that they will play loud enough. I do not play rock concert levels but I do like to crank them up once in awhile.
I just bought a new Peachtree Nova 220 amp and Nova pre amp
and it seems to be a superb match so far for my new Thiel
2.7's. I only have about 25 hrs on them and about 250 hrs on
the Thiels and also just added new speaker cables & PC's. So
all of it is new but I am very happy with what I am hearing
already, simply outstanding! Sorry, no experience with the

The impedance graph for the 2.7 shows it dropping well below the 4 ohm nominal rating. Take a look here,

Reading the last line in this review on the M-180 suggests using it with a speaker load that does not drop below the nominal rating,

It appears that this will not be a good match, and I'm guessing the speaker is just not tube friendly, might be best to use SS.
Do not forget Conrad Johnson gear to drive these wonderful speakers!

That Stereophile link is actually on the older 7.2, not the
new 2.7. :o)

Telescope_trade, thanks for catching my error, looks like dyslexia got the best of me. Nevertheless, looking at the Thiel website, the CS2.7 has a nominal 4 ohm rating with a minimum of 2.4 ohms, even lower than the older 7.2. Considering the statement in the M-180 review, it still looks like the amp/speaker match will not be good.
Hi Jtomes,

Any progress on your decision on an amp for your Thiels?