Anyone used the jennings cd stylus scale

A friend directed me to this but he hadn't used it himself. It looks quite interesting. It is a digital scale the size and shape of a CD that is designed to measure stylus force down to .01 gram. Close enough for government work sez I .It is available for $39.99 + shipping in a 100 g version from different sites. One has a calibration 100 g weight available. Also available in a 500 g version for you Denon 103 users. [Just kidding , I have one myself] This looks quite interesting. If I get one I will post the results. Old Will Knott Scales has them as well as a pocket scale that should also work for $16.95.
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I have one, and if I were you, I wouldn't bother, It's a finicky little thing. The packaging is weird --the little platform where you place the stylus is packaged OUTSIDE the clamshell box, just begging to be broken off. Periodically it refuses to return to zero and has to be poked and prodded until it does. Maybe I don't have the same one, though, since mine registers (when it feels like it) only to to .1g. Dave
Is yours the one that looks exactly like a CD? It is the JS-CD-100. When I sent you the email I had lost the site and I just found it again. It is supposed to be accurate to .01. I ordered one anyway just to be able to freak out my friends who are CD only audiophiles by whipping out a CD and measuring my tracking force with it. If it doesn't work I'll just fake it. Everybody should google the above model number to see something that is totally cool, really stupid or both.
Nope, that's not the one I have. I agree, it looks totally cool. With any luck, it might even work :-)
I got one. It didn't work. I got it from SaveOnScales. They have a phone number but when you call they refure you to their email site. I have been unable to get that to work either. Be warned.
SaveOnScales provided excellent support when I needed it (several years ago). Nothing to do with the JS-CD-100, but they replaced a defective My-Weigh scale I'd purchased from them very quickly and at no cost. FWIW, YMMV, etc.